AQC Challenge 2014

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The 2014 AQC Challenge theme has been announced so get those creative juices flowing and start thinking about your quilt entry now!


The theme for 2014 is ‘Ten‘. Quilts must be 125cm square and show interpretation of the theme.

This will be the sixth annual AQC Challenge and while past themes have inspired some interesting work, we expect this challenge will provide even more.

So click here for the competition rules.

Click here for the 2014 TEN Challenge Rules, the entries will be made online at The online entry form will be available later in the year.

Here is a look at those wonderful past winners.

2009 Fantasy: ‘When the Sun Goes Down’ by Denise Sargo, NSW

Fanciful creations of the imagination. ‘When the Sun Goes Down’ embodies the spirit of fairiedom. ‘Little People’ of the woods and fields. Mythical beings, gentle and generous or dark and dangerous. A shadow moves. A shaft of moonlight lights up a face…a malevolent looking goblin, or is it a tiny graceful fairy? In fact, there are faces everywhere – in the clouds, leaves and rocks! Nothing more than fantasy – or is it?

2010 Remember: ‘I Dream in Colour’ by Linden Lancaster, Victoria

Lined in a row, they listen to our song,
The nursing-home residents may hum along
But most close their eyes; does a memory flare?
Where do they go when they sit in their chair?
Are you waving him off when he left for war?
Or are kids ‘round your feet as they play on the floor?
It’s more than music, to these folk we give
Do you dream in colour where your memories live?

2011 Seven Deadly Sins: ‘Hollywood’ by Bronwyn Hill / Bianca Hill, NSW

The drama of the theme conjures up images of opulence and excess indicative of 1950s cinematics. Working stylistically in a vein similar to movie posters of that era allowed an aesthetic exploration of western stereotypes that embody the seven deadly sins – a hero, a heroine and a villain. The bold, primary palette and striking composition of a distinct fore-, mid- and background mimics typical examples of the genre.

2012 What the World Needs Now: ‘Balance’ by Robin Coombes, NSW

To keep our world in a harmonious symmetry between the human-made and natural spheres, Iustitia, the blind Goddess of Justice [also Justitia] needs to keep the equilibrium of her scales in balance. When the balance is equitable the scales are counterpoised beautifully, but are we maintaining the balance?

2013 Free: ‘Galloping Wild and Free’ by Helen Godden, ACT

Hand painted horses of gold, silver and copper, surge forward bursting with energy, rejoicing in their liberty and freedom. Original design, these free spirits come to life surrounded by the movement and energy of extreme free-motion quilting.




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